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Epson Sustainability Report 2016 and Sustainability Report 2016 Highlights

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Epson has released its Sustainability Report 2016, a publication that provides details about specific CSR-related actions that Epson took in the 2015 fiscal year (ended March.2016).

The company has also issued Sustainability Report 2016 Highlights, a more compact report of select topics and data that are representative of Epson's actions and performance during the 2015 fiscal year. Chapters (Commitment to Customer Satisfaction and Environmental Conservation, Individuality and Teamwork, Trusted Throughout the World, and Prospering with the Community) mirror the content of Epson's Management Philosophy.

URL: http://global.epson.com/SR/report/

This year's sustainability report provides special coverage of the topics below.

  1. Customer value provided through products:
    • A new in-office resource cycle (PaperLab and high-capacity ink pack inkjet printers)
    • Increased operational efficiency (high-capacity ink pack and ink tank printers)
    • Easier, more enjoyable visual communications experiences (projectors and smart glasses)
    • Improving the quality of life (wearable products)
    • Driving innovations in manufacturing (robots)
  2. Employees: A workplace where people can achieve their dreams (developing human resources with diverse values and capabilities)
  3. Governance: Enhancing and strengthening corporate governance
  4. Community Support: Volunteer programs rooted in local communities (examples of activities around the world)
Epson Sustainability Report 2016

The Japanese versions of both publications are already available. A Chinese language version will be released in September.