Conservation of Forests

Epson is working to preserve the world's forests by curbing environmental destruction caused by illegal logging and by enriching communication through the use of sustainable paper.

Using Limited Resources Effectively by Leveraging Our Unique Paper Recycling Technology

Paper is produced from wood taken from the forests, but the A-8000 spares our forests by producing new copy paper from used documents right in the office.

Epson uses the A-8000 extensively to recycle and reproduce paper used on its own sites. Since 2018, this recycled paper has been used to produce orientation training materials and business documents. It is being used for calendars and employee business cards. This paper is also used for notebooks and memo pads, and we plan to further expand uses in the near future. The production of paper and paper-based goods has expanded the range of job opportunities for the staff of Epson Mizube Corp., a special subsidiary that supports the employment of persons with disabilities and is involved in these activities. Epson also uses a machine that employs dry fiber technology to upcycle recovered paper into waste-ink pads for inkjet printers and sound absorbing materials for the A-8000.

Calendars made using recycled paper
Waste ink pads for inkjet printers
(maintenance box)
PaperLab A-8000
Dry-process office papermaking system

Epson Paper Products Procurement

Epson manages its entire supply chain from the immediate supplier all the way back to the forest to ensure the legality, sustainability and environmental safety of the paper products we procure.