Eco Communication

Introduction of communications on environmental topics.

EcoPro 2019 (Japan)

EcoPro 2019, Japan's preeminent environmental exhibition, was held at Tokyo Big Sight from December 5-7, 2019. Now in its 21st year, this event was geared toward stakeholders with a high level of interest in the SDGs, ESG, and other social trends and issues.
Epson has exhibited every year at EcoPro since the first year, in 1999. This year the Epson booth promoted the concept of an eco-conscious office, featuring the environmental contributions of business inkjet printers that use the company's Heat-Free Technology to eject ink.

Eco-Conscious Office

Epson showcased a proposed recycling cycle that starts with paper and presented the activities of an Eco-Conscious Office Project that was launched in July 2019 at Epson's Shinjuku office along with the results from the first five months of the project. We highlighted our eco-conscious office concept by demonstrating paper recycling with a PaperLab office papermaking system and by printing with a high-speed line inkjet printer that delivers sharp, crisp text that won't bleed or smudge.

Presentation Stage

Four programs were conducted on each day of the EcoPro exhibition. One program, titled "Epson and the SDGs," featured employees who are leading Epson's environmental action and eco-conscious office initiatives discussing their work. Another program featured a sales demonstrator engaging visitors and communicating the eco-conscious office value proposition.

Corporate Corner

Epson believes it can accelerate the achievement of SDGs and change the world by using inkjet technology to minimize the consumption of materials. Our exhibits thus focused on solutions to social issues that leverage inkjet innovations, a goal of the Epson 25 Corporate Vision.
We presented the advantages of Epson's unique inkjet technology, our most advanced printheads, and examples of collaboration through sales of printheads to partners. We received a lot of positive feedback from visitors who are excited about the future possibilities.

ESG Finance Awards Japan (Minister of the Environment Award)

The ESG Finance Awards Japan recognize progressive, exemplary initiatives driven by investors, financial institutions, financial services providers, and companies that have made an impact by actively engaging in ESG financing or environmental and social enterprises with the goal of encouraging the spread and expansion of ESG financing. In the Environmentally Sustainable Company category, companies are evaluated on the quality of their information disclosures concerning things such as risks, business opportunities, and strategic opportunities related to environmental issues that could have a substantial impact on corporate value and on the effectiveness that the initiatives they have disclosed have had on corporate management.

Epson was selected this year as an “Environmentally Sustainable Company” for having produced disclosures that meet certain criteria. We were selected for the Minister of the Environment Award and won Silver in the Environmentally Sustainable Company category in recognition of having set ambitious environmental goals and for the actions we are taking to synchronize environmental issues with business sustainability. Epson is committed to achieving its environmental goals and to actively disclosing environmental information.

Reasons Epson was selected (as announced by the Ministry of the Environment)

Epson was recognized for having reduced its GHG emissions in line with the 1.5°C scenario over the past year and for having advanced toward its goals of becoming carbon negative and underground resource free by 2050. In addition, Epson has declared that it will spend on decarbonization and a closed resource loop and will reduce GHG emissions in the supply chain by more than 2 million tons by 2030. Epson also won high marks for its willingness to try to synchronize environmental issues with business sustainability. Going forward, we will keep an eye on concrete actions to establish and apply an effective PDCA cycle toward achieving these ambitious goals, and particularly on collaboration with business partners.

EcoPro Award (Japan)

Epson was awarded the Economy, Trade and Industry Minister's Prize, one of main prizes in the First EcoPro Awards, at a ceremony on the first day of EcoPro 2018.
Epson was singled out for the environmental performance of the PaperLab A-8000 dry process office papermaking system, for innovativeness in recycling office resources, and for the maintenance of information security through the secure destruction of confidential documents.
Epson aims to develop an office recycling ecosystem and a smart recycling business by advancing and leveraging its efficient, compact, and precision technologies to provide innovative products and services.

Screening Committee Chair comments

Epson developed an innovative and secure method for recycling high volumes of waste paper right inside the office. It has the potential to replace the existing paper recycling and distribution model with a greener model.
In addition, when people are directly involved in paper recycling, they see how much paper is used, and this could motivate them to recycle more resources.

Environmental Value Award at the 3rd Annual Nikkei SDGs Management Grand Prix

The Environmental Value Award is granted to companies that earn a high overall score for initiatives relating to climate change, resources, and biodiversity. Companies are evaluated on things such as policies regarding the analysis of risks and opportunities and environmental audits; greenhouse gas emissions, the scope of emissions measured, and actual GHG quantities; quantitative measurement and long-term targets for wastes, power consumption, and water resources; climate change adaptation measures and environmental solutions; and activities to protect ecosystems.
Seiko Epson won its first Environmental Value Award in recognition of its efforts to reduce its own greenhouse gas emissions and, increasingly important, those of its business partners, as well as for its support for the TCFD recommendations and disclosure of emissions information in securities reports, and its ambitious targets for introducing renewable electricity.
Epson will continue to strive to contribute to the world through its technologies, products and services in order to achieve a better, more sustainable world as envisioned by the SDGs.

Discussion with Other Companies (Japan)

The Kansai Productivity Center (KPC) is a non-profit organization that assists companies that have a large presence in the Kansai Region, a large area of Japan that includes cities such as Kyoto, Osaka, and Nara, with management innovation and human resources development. In December 2021, Epson responded to a request by the KPC to host a group of visitors taking a course in management strategy at the KPC’s Management School. The visitors, who were from four leading Kansai companies in various industries, were exploring the topic of management’s response to environmental problems, which they believe will be an important part of business administration in the future. They discussed a number of subjects with Seiko Epson executives, including the impact that decarbonization and carbon neutral initiatives will have on society and companies. Both sides benefited from the exchange of information.

In addition, we familiarized the visitors with Epson and some of its business activities by giving them a tour of Epson’s Monozukuri Museum and paper recycling center, where paper used internally is recycled using the PaperLab, a dry-process office papermaking system, and by showing them Epson Mizube, a special subsidiary that employs a large number of people with disabilities, providing them with reasonable accommodations and jobs that fit their abilities.

Community Dialog (Japan)

Seiko Epson and Epson Group companies in Japan organize events to exchange ideas with the local residents of the communities in which we operate for the purpose of cultivating a deeper understanding of our environmental initiatives and risk management system.

Environmental Communication Guidelines

Epson's Global Environmental Communication Guidelines, established in 2008, provides rules for environment-related communications. The guidelines are used throughout the Epson Group to help ensure that the information we release about our environmental programs and environmental performance is correct and easy to understand.