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Epson & Sports Sponsorships

Sports transcend national borders and language barriers. They thrill and inspire. They are bestowers of hopes, of dreams.

Epson sponsors sporting events and sports teams as a way of reaching out to and engaging people worldwide through the common language of sports, engendering familiarity, and sharing the joy that sport brings.

The Beginning

Epson has been sponsoring international sporting events for nearly 50 years.

Just as athletes work day in and day out to gradually hone and elevate their skills, Epson has always tried to scale new technological heights, and has grown as it has overcome the various technical barriers it has faced.

Epson first began sponsoring sports when Seiko was selected to serve as the official timekeeper of the Tokyo Olympics, at the time Suwa Seikosha Co., Ltd. (now Seiko Epson Corporation) as a member of the Seiko Group. The company's mission: to measure and record times more accurately and faster than ever before.

Summoning the combined strength of the technologies then in its portfolio, Epson developed devices for this global sporting event that would lay the foundation for subsequent growth.

  • Compact, desktop quartz timer: The Seiko Crystal Chronometer QC-951 was a portable, low-power timer that provided outstanding accuracy.
  • Electronic recording system: The printing timer was a groundbreaking device that combined a time counter and a printing mechanism in a single assembly.

The development of these two revolutionary devices have dramatically improved Epson's technology development capabilities, they were also the catalyst for the development of the world's first compact, lightweight digital printer, the EP-101.

Return to Sponsorship

The impact of major worldwide sporting events travels far beyond national and linguistic borders, and Epson is a proud sponsor of events and teams. The athletes' enduring spirit and ceaseless commitment to perfection truly embody Epson's corporate philosophy of "creativity and challenge" and our global tagline, "Exceed Your Vision".