The S1D15106 is a segment LCD driver IC that can be directly connected to a microcontroller, enabling the display image data transferred from the microcontroller to be displayed on the segment LCD without external memory.It is also capable of high contrast by static drive*1 and 16-grayscale display by PWM method*2, making it ideal for improving the expressiveness of speedometer and RPM display.

In addition, it has display safety functions such as segment/common output abnormality (open/short) detection, etc. If a display abnormality is detected due to an open state in the wiring from the driver output to the display, the display can be restored by switching the driver output pin under control from the microcontroller. These display safety functions support the construction of highly reliable display systems. In addition, this product meets the stringent quality requirements for automotive applications, with an operating temperature of up to 105 ℃ and AEC-Q100 corresponsive.

*1 Static drive: A method in which the display segments of an LCD panel are driven by connecting the segment terminals of the LCD driver one-to-one.
*2 PWM method: PWM = Pulse Width Modulation is a modulation method that modulates the pulse width (= ON time).