Measurement MCU

MCU for digital Multimeter

The S1C17M02/M03 are 16-bit MCUs specializing in DMM (Digital Multimeter) functions that support C programming. These MCUs have implemented the functions (ΣΔ A/D converter, pin switching circuit, and reference voltage generator) required for developing  a DMM that can perform various measurements. In addition, they have an embedded square root circuit which reduces the CPU load for software processing.

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1. High precision Measurement

With an embedded controller specialized for a DMM (Digital Multimeter), voltage, current, resistance, continuity check, capacitance, diode voltage, and frequency can be measured.

High precision Measurement

2. Software Load Reduction

Software Load Reduction

An embedded square root circuit that calculates the true effective value can be used to reduce the load on the CPU and software development requirements.

3. Energy Saving

Energy Saving

Epson's unique low-leakage, low-power process realizes low current consumption and contributes to longer battery life.

4.Flexible Product Line-up

Flexible Product Line-up

Multiple compatible models allow user selection of the most suitable product according to the memory and display size requirements.

Characteristic Evaluation Method

Epson provides a S1C17M02/M03 development kit with an evaluation board that imitates a DMM and reference software for performing each function. For each measurement mode, it is possible to evaluate the characteristics without requiring the customer to develop software.