S1C31 family

Epson's S1C31 is the Arm®Cortex®-M0+ (32bit) processor family with several build in features such as Timer, Serial interface, LCD driver, USB controller and Flash memory.The harmonization the Epson's original low leak process and this energy efficient Arm®Cortex®-M0+ processor, can contribute to those application which desires longer battery life with high accuracy.
(Application examples : Portable measurement applications and etc)

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S1C31W00 Series

Unique User Interfaces integrated

  • LCD Driver integrated, Dot Matrix
S1C31D00 Series

Low power, Large size flash memory integrated

  • Memory LCD interface, Graphic controller
  • Voice

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S1C31W00 Series

The S1C31W00 series can realize low power operation with large capacity flash memory and dot matrix LCD driver. It's suitable for wearable devices with dot matrix display.

Status Product LCD Driver Clock frequency
Flash RAM Data SheetPDF
Data sheet
Manual PDF
Manual PDF
Manual Errata
UD S1C31W73 80x32 33MHz 384KB 32KB S1C31W73 Data Sheet
- -
MP S1C31W74 72x32 20.5MHz 512KB 128KB S1C31W74 Data Sheet
S1C31W74 Technical Manual
S1C31W74 Errata

S1C31D00 Series

The S1C31D00 series has unique user interfaces such as memory display interface, graphic controller and voice function.

Status Product Features Clock frequency
Memory Data SheetPDF
Data sheet
Manual PDF
Manual PDF
Manual Errata
Flash RAM
MP S1C31D01 Memory Display I/F 20.5MHz 256KB 96KB S1C31D01 Data Sheet
S1C31D01 Technical Manual
S1C31D01 Errata
MP S1C31D50 Voice 16MHz 192KB 8KB
S1C31D50 Data Sheet
S1C31D50 Technical Manual
S1C31D01 Errata
  • ST(Status) MP(Mass Production) UD(Under Development) NP(Non Promotion)

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