Voice MCU

Epson offers simplest speech IC without traditional studio recording by a person. Our sophisticated codec engine eliminates such studio recording and generates neutral human sound quality as well as high compression rate. The Epson Voice/Audio IC enables a seamless IC platform to transform almost any applications into user-friendly voice prompted devices.

*Please request after purchasing Epson evaluation board


1. Epson's voice guide solution makes it easy to generate natural-sounding voices

Voice creation PC tools allow you to easily create and change voice data at any time, eliminating the need for time-consuming and costly studio recordings.

  • 2-channel mixing function produces quality sound
    Can play back voice even while background music is playing
  • Speech speed change function lets user change to a speed that’s easy to understand
    Speech speed can be changed without altering the voice (fast, normal, slow)
  • Supports 12 languages
Asia Japanese, Chinese, Korean
Americas American English, American Spanish, Canadian French
Europe British English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian
Examples of applications

2. Space-saving and low cost with various recycling methods

3. Voice playback function and system control possible with just one chip

Comes with voice playback hardware, so CPU (ARM Cortex® M0+) can handle full operation even during voice control

Voice playback function and system control possible with just one chip

Examples of applications

Coffee maker, Water heater, Gas range, Healthcare devices, Consumer electronics etc