Voice Guidance


Feature 1. No need for studio recording

Using Epson Voice & Sound LSI for your products featuring voice guidance functions means there's no need to arrange recording studios or hire professional voice performers.  This allows you to significantly reduce the product development costs and time to market.  The TTS tool available from Epson makes it easy to create or modify your speech phrases. 

12 languages are now available.

Japanese, English, Korean, American English, American Spanish, Canadian French, British English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian.

Feature 2. Excellent sound quality for messages up to 4 times longer

bitrate EPSON
1MB approx 8min approx 2min approx 4min
2MB approx 16min approx 4min approx 8min
4MB approx 33min approx 8min approx 16min
8MB approx 1hour 6min approx 16min approx 33min
16MB approx 2hour 13min approx 33min approx 1hour 6min

Epson's highly efficient encoding format allows for longer phrases with excellent sound quality. The integrated high-quality 16-bit DAC produces a "silky voice" that can be coupled with high quality sound effects.

Feature 3. Easy to integrate

Epson's voice guidance LSIs use a message protocol based on asynchronous serial interface. This means they are easily integrated into a wide range of host devices and microcontrollers, reducing development time and costs, and helping achieve faster time to market.

Feature 4. Easy Development by S1V3G340 + EPSON Speech Tool

Voice guidance LSI lineup

Series name S1V3G340 S1V30080
Status MP MP
Download S1V3G340 Data Sheet
S1V30080 Data Sheet
Power supply 5.5v-2.2 single
Clock 32.768kHz or 12.288MHz 8.192MHz(fs:8kHz)
Host interface SPI/UART/I2C
(Command control)
(Command Control)
standalone mode
Sampling frequency 16kHz 4,8,12,16kHz
Sound Decode Format Epson Original Format
Bit rate 16/24/32/40kbps 8bit/10bit mode
Melody Synthesizer - Supports 5ch,5 Octaves
Sound Phrase Combination Function No limitaion on combination
Setting of DelayBetween Phrases 0 ms, 20-2047 ms (1 ms step) 0ms-1000ms
(10 ms step)
Sound Data Streaming Regeneraiotion Supported by the command control through the host interface Melody data streaming supported
Integrated ROM Size (Time) ROMless Approx.30 sec
Approx.15 sec
DAC Highly accurate 16-bit DAC 10-bit DAC
Package QFP13-52pin (10mm □, 0.65mm pitch)
QFP12-48(7mm□, 0.5mm pitch)
QFN7-48(7mm□, 0.5mm pitch)
(10mm□,0.65mm pitch)
(7mm□,0.5mm pitch)
Languages supported by TTS tool TTS Tool Support Language
Asia: Chinese, Japanese, Korean
Americas: American English, American Spanish, Canadian French
Europe: British English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish
(No language restricitons when used for studio recording)
Evaluation Board Supported
Sample Code(For the Host) Supported

*1: Estimate when used at 16 kbps

Voice guidance LSI:S1V3G340, Evaluation Board

S1V3G340 Evaluation Board

Tool for MAC address check ZIP

*Please request after purchasing EPSON evaluation board